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Speaking and keynotes

Informing and inspiring audiences through keynote speaking, lecturing and tutoring, and mentoring. I deliver engaging presentations on behavioural science, gamification, and entrepreneurship. I've delivered a TEDx talk and spoken in Australia, Germany, US, Hong Kong and Singapore. 

Recent examples include MC'ing a national innovation policy forum, keynote presentation, chairing panel discussions, guest lecturing.

"It was also one of the most engaging and interactive updates we’ve had by an external speaker! We’ve been receiving great feedback on your content and the slides."

Workplace workshops

Enhance or transform your culture, build your team’s collaboration and confidence, and supercharge staff innovation, motivation and performance.

I tailor the workshop experience to your unique team, challenge and objective. Whether it be building a collaborative strategy, behavioural science education workshop, or a team-building sessions, I deliver engaging, thoughtful and effective workshops. 

Recent examples include Dungeons and Dragons inspired team building and problem solving, introduction workshop to behavioural science, and gamification design methodology workshop. 

"Really inspiring two-day workshop, thanks to Kerstin Oberprieler"

Gamification and
serious game design

Crafting innovative ways to engage, delight and shift behaviour through gamification. Drawing on more than a decade's experience and PhD research in gamification, I've designed gamified experiences for many audiences, challenges and formats such as in-person, tabletop, browser-based platforms, and mobile apps.

Recent examples include card game for community engagement, a tabletop game for strategic discussions and breaking down hierarchy, a browser-based game for international discussion about climate, a gamified app to support women's health, and a mobile app for attracting visitors to Australia. 

"Dr Kerstin opened our eyes to how gameplay can be used to drive behavioural change."

Nudge design 

Designing behaviourally informed solutions to society’s big challenges, supporting government and business to meet their objectives in a way that builds a better world

I take you through the behavioural design process from understanding your key audiences and their motivations, to what it takes to change their behaviour, to trialing and scaling interventions. 

Recent examples include a national campaign to increase compliance for food safety, nudge toolkits for HR and managers, and behavioural interventions for a unified culture. 

"Your knowledge on behaviours, nudging and the human brain is seriously impressive".

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